Description (คุณสมบัติ)

Touch Screen Biometric Digital Lock (Mortise Lock) ปลอดภัยกว่า ด้วยปุ่มกด safe handle
Type of Product
  • Mortise lock, touch screen
  • Black, Silver
Access solutions
  • Fingerprint: Up to 20
  • Pin code 6-12 digits
  • Mechanical keys: 2
  • Easy scan technology: Read a finger print in one shot without the need in open or close the cover to enter a fingerprint
  • Voice guide
  • Modern design with smart touchpad to prevent password exposure
  • Anti-panic egress with safe handle: For convenience and emergency case, door is automatically unlocked whenever inner lever handle is used
  • Alarm (Break / Damage)
  • Security / Normal mode: For multi-user environment, when entering Security (Master) mode the master can register and delete each user while Normal mode controls all the users one time
  • Low battery alarm and emergency power supply terminal
  • Fake PIN code to prevent code exposure
  • Remote Control
Technical details
  • Front body: 28.5(D) x 68.6(W) x 320.7(H)(mm)
  • Back body: 37(D) x 72.8(W) x 306.6(H)(mm)
  • 60mm backset
  • 35-80mm door thickness

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